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When Windows XP was first introduced, it was used by almost all desktop users and people loved it for its user-friendly interface. Even though Windows XP did bring Microsoft profit in the past, they might have felt that Windows XP is affecting the growth of its successor platforms. Many OS platforms like Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 have already been released and you would still find XP users enjoying the XP experience. Microsoft Corporation has been offering the Windows XP help and support for its users and they are going to end their support on April 8, 2014. Hence, Microsoft has already requested the XP users to upgrade their platforms so that they could get all security updates and patches and keep the operating system protected.

Even though Microsoft has asked its users to upgrade their operating system before the deadline, the anti malware updates for the operating system will be offered to the XP users till July 14, 2015. This should be treated as a mild relief to the XP users.

The Microsoft Security Essentials is the engine that is in question.  Even the enterprise products running on XP will have to face the applied changes and the support will include fixes like Forefront Client Security, System Center Endpoint Protection, Windows Intune and Forefront Client Security.

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The decision for supporting XP for a few more months was initiated by Microsoft keeping in mind the time users would need during the migration to other platforms. This need not be treated as a favor and Microsoft do not encourage its XP users to wait before updating to the higher platforms. They always highlight the flaws and encourage the XP users to upgrade instead of sticking with the XP version.

According to a blog post, Andreas Marx, chief executive of AV-Test, said, “Our research shows that the effectiveness of anti-malware solutions on out-of-support operating systems is limited. Although anti-virus programs are unable to replace the soon-to-be abolished security updates for Windows XP, they can at least make it harder for malware to take advantage of your system’s vulnerabilities”.

In the absence of security updates after April, Windows XP would be exposed to the security risks and hence it would be easy for hackers to target and access your operating system. It would always be wise to upgrade without wasting precious time. The Windows XP help team will provide the necessary support only for a few more months and later you will not be able to contact the Windows XP help team for support.

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