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Reboot Windows 8

      how to reboot Windows 8

Many users have already switched to Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft. Even though many have installed the new platform, some of them are still not aware of the short cuts to shutdown, to reboot Windows 8 and to Sleep their system. It is quite true that we all like to try something new and those who are bored with the old interface would definitely love the sleek appearance of the new platform. However, what if you become clueless about the basic operations that needed to be performed on your system? Do not worry as this article covers the basic information about the options to reboot Windows 8, shut down and the Sleep option.

If you already have Windows 8 on your system, you would have already noticed that something is missing on your desktop. Yes, it is the ‘Start’ button.  You will not find the Start button on your desktop and this might lead to confusion as how to do the basic tasks in the absence of the same.

You need to know that Windows 8 is optimized for all such functions and the Metro UI would have options logging off as well as to lock the Windows 8 system. But the power control options in Windows 8 can be accessed by two methods and one is to press the Alt + F4 key and the next method is to press the Win +C hotkey and this will permit you to reboot Windows 8, sleep or shutdown the same. Ensure that all programs are closed and your data is saved before you do this.

sleek appearance

        try to reboot Windows 8

You need to open Charms Menu by pressing Win +C hotkey and click Settings. Now, select the Power button and here, you would easily find options like Restart, Shutdown, Sleep and other options. If you wish your system to go to the sleep mode, you could access Lock Screen and Log Off options.

If you wish to bring the classic Start menu of Windows 7 to your new Windows 8, you need to use the Metro Controller and this will easily bring up the Power Control dialog box.

After going through the above instructions and it would not be a problem for you to restart, log off or shutdown your Windows 8 OS platform.  Just use these shortcut keys and enjoy the new Windows OS platform.

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