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Microsoft Works is an ideal software program from Microsoft if you cannot afford Microsoft Word program. This word processing software is found in new computers, which comes with Windows operating system. However, many users have reported troubles with their Works software and in this article, we go through the steps to reinstall Microsoft Works. Microsoft support for Vista based computers help us to troubleshoot the issue with the preinstalled software like Microsoft Works.

Note: If you have already installed Microsoft Works on your computer, it is important that you uninstall it completely before the reinstallation process.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Works

  • Select ‘Start’ and choose the option ‘Control Panel’. You may also type in ‘Control Panel’ in the search field and press enter.
  • Select ‘Programs’ from the Control panel.
  • Choose ‘Programs and Features’.
  • From the list of programs that show up, select ‘Microsoft Works’.
  • Select ‘Uninstall’.
  • The above step will initiate the uninstall wizard. Follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall the program from your computer.

How to Install Microsoft Works

Follow the steps below to reinstall Microsoft Works on your computer from a Microsoft Works installation disc.

  • Put the Microsoft Works disc to your CD or DVD drive. Wait for the installation wizard to show up automatically.
  • When the installation wizard shows up, follow the on screen prompts to install Microsoft Works.
  • If you do not see the installation wizard, then click ‘Start’ and then choose ‘My Computer’.
  • From the list of drives, double click the CD or DVD drive icon. It is easy to identify the CD drive. The Microsoft Works icon will show up in your CD or DVD drive.
  • Double click on the icon and find the ‘setup.exe’ file.

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           technical support for vista

  • The setup.exe file is the executable file for installation. Double click on it to initiate the installation wizard. As mentioned-above, follow the on screen commands and finish the installation process.

Keep in mind that you cannot download Microsoft Works from the Microsoft Website. Therefore, you would require an installation disc to reinstall the program. If you cannot find an installation disc, you may contact your local computer shop from where you have purchased the computer if it was preinstalled or contact Microsoft support for Vista if you had bought the disc. If these steps did not help you, buy a fresh copy of Microsoft Works and install it on your computer.

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