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In the hard drive of your system, a log of the different chats that were made will be saved by the Windows Live messenger. You can get valuable information by just accessing the same. The chat logs may house information that you may need to avail for some purposes. If you do not know the different functions and settings of the Windows Live messenger, accessing the chat logs can turn out to be difficult.  In order to access the logs, the below mentioned Microsoft chat support guidelines have to be followed.

Accessing the MSN chat logs

  • Power on the computer, the booting process will begin shortly and after a while, the desktop can be seen. The taskbar can be seen at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Windows Live Messenger has to be accessed. The messenger can be launched from the Start menu. To avail the Start menu, click on the Start button housed at the extreme bottom left of the taskbar.
  • In the contact list at the upper part, the Show Menu icon can be seen and it has to be clicked.
  • File has to be clicked and View Message History has to be selected. A Select A Contact window will be displayed on screen.
  • The contact name has to be Double clicked. In another window, the complete chat log of the contact can be seen. You will be able to see the required information you want.
  • In the list, if the name cannot be seen, then the chat logs of that contact were not saved by the Windows Live Messenger.
  • After you are done with the chat logs, select Return to Messenger.

How to save MSN chat logs

  • Access the Windows Live Messenger from the Start menu.

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  • Choose Show Menu, select Tools category and choose Options.
  • The Messages category has to be clicked.
  • The Automatically Keep A History Of My Conversations option should be clicked and the OK button should be clicked.
  • For every chat, a log will be saved automatically by the Windows Live Messenger henceforth.

By following the above given Microsoft chat support guidelines, the chat logs of the MSN messenger can be accessed. If you are not completely satisfied with the Microsoft chat support guidelines or troubleshooting tips are needed, you may contact our customer support center.

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