Disabling Internet Explorer Toolbars

Remove Toolbars

            Uninstalling Toolbars

A toolbar can be defined as a row of boxes, which you can find at the top of the application window of your web browser, while you browse the internet. Although these toolbars are designed to provide a convenient and advanced browsing experience to the users, it is often recommended to remove toolbars.  This is because most of the times, toolbars tend to change the home page of your default web browser.

The Internet Explorer add-ons in IE9, IE10 and IE11 are usually loaded if they are compatible with Enhanced Protected Mode. For loading an incompatible add-on, you can always turn off the Enhanced Protected Mode for IE. By doing this, you will be able to load incompatible ad-ons, but this would make your system more open to the malicious software installed in your computer.

If you want to remove toolbars of Internet Explorer and its related add-ons, you can use the following instructions provided by the Windows tech support team.

  • In the first step, you need to open the Internet Explorer and then click or tap on the Tools Menu Bar item followed by the Manage Add-ons option. You can also open the Internet Explorer and click or tap on the Tools Command Bar icon button and then select the Manage Add-ons option.
  • Next, you need to open the Control Panel and then click or tap on the Internet Options icon. Next, you need to click on the Programs tab and Manage Add-ons button.

    Incompatible Ad-Ons

                Removing Toolbars

  • For disabling a toolbar and the extension add-on, you need to first click on an enabled add-on that you want to disable, and then tap on the Disable button. At any point of time, you can also contact the Windows tech support team to know more about the uninstallation of toolbar and how to fix the common toolbar issues.
  • Now, if you want to enable a Toolbar and Extension Add-on, you need to first select a disabled add-on that you want to enable and then click or tap on the Enable button.
  •  Once you have clicked on this button, you need to tap on the Close button. Now, you would require closing and reopening Internet Explorer for this to take effect.

These steps can help you to successfully remove the Internet Explorer toolbars and its related add-ons. To get more information and assistance on the same, feel free to contact our technical support team.

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RemoteApp For Windows RT Devices Goes Viral

Microsoft Support Page

              Microsoft Help

It appears that the tech giant is not baffled by the enormity of problems reported with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. It is determined to make Windows 8.1 the best operating system not only for desktops but also for smartphones and tablets. Microsoft’s Surface tablets have made an impressive entry in the market. It is reported that Surface tablets are making a slow but steady growth in the market, posing a clear threat to the competitor products.

Of late, Microsoft released a slew of impressive features to its Windows RT devices including Surface 2. Among these, Microsoft Azure RemoteApp for Surface 2 deserves special attention.

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp for Surface 2

The recently released Microsoft Azure RemoteApp for Surface 2 has gained much applause for Microsoft and garnered numerous reviews in the Microsoft support page. With the help of this app, you can access all your desktop apps such as LOB apps, Office apps, etc directly from the Windows RT devices you have, given that they are published via Microsoft Azure RemoteApp service. You will recognize the significance of this app only when you realize the fact that most of the apps and services you can access via RemoteApp service can’t be accessed directly from your Windows RT device. This is because you can’t install them on your Windows RT device.

When you run RemoteApp programs on your Windows RT device, they will appear as if they are running locally. In fact, they are running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Nevertheless, it does not prevent you from interacting with these programs from your Surface 2 or any other Windows RT devices. The major advantage of being able to access programs via RemoteApp service is that it does not compromise the safety of your corporate data.


            Microsoft Support Desk

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp or Mohoro

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp is nicknamed Mohoro in the tech world. Currently, we have only the preview version of this app available. A recent press release published in Microsoft support page indicates that the final version of the product, combined with more features, will be released soon on Windows Store.

Getting started with RemoteApp

Getting started with using RemoteApp in Windows RT is quite simple. First of all, download and install the program. After that, connect to the service by signing into it using your Microsoft Account login credentials. After you have signed in, go to the Connection Centre where you can see the available applications that can be accessed by the RemoteApp service.

RemoteApp service is undoubtedly the best app you can have in your Windows RT device. So, don’t miss it.

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Enhanced User Experience In Internet Explorer 11 For Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Support Site

                    Microsoft Internet Explorer

The preview of the Windows Phone 8.1 has been out for quite some time. One of the most important features in the update is regarding the latest Internet Explorer browser. In one of the Microsoft support site pages, the highlights of the latest Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone 8.1 was posted. There are many features added to the browser to enhance the user experience.

The site added that the developers were focusing on every aspect that could enhance the user experience of these browsers. The team was focused on the upgrading the four important aspects of browsing such as fast browsing without interruption, quick access to the sites, ease of access including safety and privacy. You might have been getting to know about the updates in bits and pieces, here is what the latest browser has done to improve your experience with the browser.

The latest browser is power packed with updates relevant to quick site access that exhibit the addresses of the most visited websites on the address bar when you type in an address. You can do many more things with the unlimited tab facility. When you start typing on the address bar, the browser displays predictions based on the past browsing history.

The site added that they were happy to introduce the ability to synchronize across Internet Explorer 11, phones, tablets and many more. This synchronizing is not limited to only browsing data but also favorites, passwords, open tabs and history. With this improvement, you will be able to start from exactly where you stopped, which is possible even when you switch between devices. With this, you can finally stop emailing links that you might need later.

Windows Phone 8.1

               Microsoft Help And Support

Moreover, apart from these features, the Internet Explorer 11 has the ability to do in-line video playback, the facility to remember passwords, Reading view, to move back and forth with a swipe and many more. The browser has an additional ability to save downloaded files that you will be able to open later.

When Data Sense was introduced to Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8, with the same amount of data, the browsing was enabled only up to forty percent more. However, there were no commendable changes in the browser experience. This time, in the latest browser, High Savings Mode was introduced that downloads only the most important features and compresses images heavily. Visit the Microsoft support site to get more information on the latest updates.

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Transferring Files Using Easy Transfer

Windows 8 transfer

      Transfer files between computer

Thanks to the latest innovation from Microsoft, transferring files from you old computer to a new one can no longer become a hassle. Earlier, you had to copy all the files to a secondary hard disk and paste it to the new computer, a daunting task to say the least. But, now, in Windows 8, Microsoft has come with a new Windows 8 transfer feature called Windows Easy Transfer that is faster, hassle free and does not require you to manually copy each file into the external USB hard drive to do the job. It makes use of a network to transfer files between two computers, although you have been forewarned that Windows 8 transfer is a bit tricky.

Also, another thing to note is that Windows Easy Transfer will only work for your Desktop contents, Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc. There is no system for transferring a program installed in one system to another computer as they need to be reinstalled in your new Windows 8 system.

If your old system is running on Windows 7, you will have Windows Easy Transfer pre-built on your computer. For all other old versions of Windows, you will need to download the program from the official Microsoft website and install it before you begin.

Here’s how you transfer your files:

  • In your old system, click on a network of your preference and then select This is my old PC. This way, the file transfer wizard can understand, which is the source and which is the destination. You will receive a Windows Easy Transfer key, which will be required later.
  • In your new system, open the Windows Easy Transfer wizard and then click Next on the welcome screen. Choose the same
    file transfer external USB hard drive

                Documents and file transfer

    network you chose before and then click on the option This is my new PC. The computer will inform you to install Windows Easy Transfer on your old PC, which you have already done.

  • You will be prompted to type in the key, which was displayed in the old computer and then click Next.
  • The program will take an inventory of the files that need to be transferred. You can uncheck specific folders if you do not want them. Going to the Advanced link, you can check and uncheck specific folders.
  • Once you are done de-selecting the folder you want to discard, press Start.

If you have followed all these instructions to the word, Windows 8 transfer will occur without any hassles.

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Fortinet Support For Microsoft Azure Unveiled

Microsoft Support Services

         Microsoft Support Desk

A recent press release from Fortinet revealed that it was working on a project that was aimed at spreading out its public cloud services for MSFT (Microsoft Azure). This expansion of the service will be executed through VPN (Virtual Private Network). As of now, customers are eligible to receive total VPN support offered by FortiGate appliances. In addition to this, customers will be provided with easy access to Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Network service.

Advantages of the service

With the help of this extended support, customers will be able to configure a secure VPN tunnel at the convenience of their virtual private network. This way, it becomes quite easy and less complicated for them to access Azure cloud environment. According to experts, FortiGate support offers much more services for IT departments than individual users.

For instance, the service offers a single pane of glass for all cloud connections that are given support at the moment in addition to the available networks. According to Microsoft support services, the FortiGate appliances service ensures that seamless data access over several environments is executed over a period of time. During the data transfer, there won’t be any interruption or security risks.

VPN Tunnel

        Microsoft Help And Support

The words of Michael Xie, founder of Fortinet, reflect the authenticity and reliability of Fortinet network solutions. According to him, the company’s network solutions are uniquely designed. So, there are fewer chances that it gets corrupted or faces any technical issues during the process. What makes it popular and resistant to the threats is its capability to provide the networks with powerful threat prevention options. Experts believe that the services offered by Fortinet solutions become more reliable and authentic when they are coupled with Microsoft support services.

Fortinet says it is happy to partner with Microsoft Azure

A Fortinet spokesperson said that it was happy to partner with Microsoft Azure. He said that it was the first time the company was partnering with a major software developer. A couple of months ago, Fortinet launched a security program for Amazon web service and it received thousands of good reviews from the company as well as customers. The marketing department of Fortinet says that the company is looking forward to partnering with a couple of new software developers as well.

With effective network security services from Fortinet, Microsoft Azure is certain to become a highly demanded cloud based service. Web developers from around the world are looking forward to the launch of the service with streamlined security features.

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