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Thanks to the latest innovation from Microsoft, transferring files from you old computer to a new one can no longer become a hassle. Earlier, you had to copy all the files to a secondary hard disk and paste it to the new computer, a daunting task to say the least. But, now, in Windows 8, Microsoft has come with a new Windows 8 transfer feature called Windows Easy Transfer that is faster, hassle free and does not require you to manually copy each file into the external USB hard drive to do the job. It makes use of a network to transfer files between two computers, although you have been forewarned that Windows 8 transfer is a bit tricky.

Also, another thing to note is that Windows Easy Transfer will only work for your Desktop contents, Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc. There is no system for transferring a program installed in one system to another computer as they need to be reinstalled in your new Windows 8 system.

If your old system is running on Windows 7, you will have Windows Easy Transfer pre-built on your computer. For all other old versions of Windows, you will need to download the program from the official Microsoft website and install it before you begin.

Here’s how you transfer your files:

  • In your old system, click on a network of your preference and then select This is my old PC. This way, the file transfer wizard can understand, which is the source and which is the destination. You will receive a Windows Easy Transfer key, which will be required later.
  • In your new system, open the Windows Easy Transfer wizard and then click Next on the welcome screen. Choose the same
    file transfer external USB hard drive

                Documents and file transfer

    network you chose before and then click on the option This is my new PC. The computer will inform you to install Windows Easy Transfer on your old PC, which you have already done.

  • You will be prompted to type in the key, which was displayed in the old computer and then click Next.
  • The program will take an inventory of the files that need to be transferred. You can uncheck specific folders if you do not want them. Going to the Advanced link, you can check and uncheck specific folders.
  • Once you are done de-selecting the folder you want to discard, press Start.

If you have followed all these instructions to the word, Windows 8 transfer will occur without any hassles.

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Fortinet Support For Microsoft Azure Unveiled

Microsoft Support Services

         Microsoft Support Desk

A recent press release from Fortinet revealed that it was working on a project that was aimed at spreading out its public cloud services for MSFT (Microsoft Azure). This expansion of the service will be executed through VPN (Virtual Private Network). As of now, customers are eligible to receive total VPN support offered by FortiGate appliances. In addition to this, customers will be provided with easy access to Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Network service.

Advantages of the service

With the help of this extended support, customers will be able to configure a secure VPN tunnel at the convenience of their virtual private network. This way, it becomes quite easy and less complicated for them to access Azure cloud environment. According to experts, FortiGate support offers much more services for IT departments than individual users.

For instance, the service offers a single pane of glass for all cloud connections that are given support at the moment in addition to the available networks. According to Microsoft support services, the FortiGate appliances service ensures that seamless data access over several environments is executed over a period of time. During the data transfer, there won’t be any interruption or security risks.

VPN Tunnel

        Microsoft Help And Support

The words of Michael Xie, founder of Fortinet, reflect the authenticity and reliability of Fortinet network solutions. According to him, the company’s network solutions are uniquely designed. So, there are fewer chances that it gets corrupted or faces any technical issues during the process. What makes it popular and resistant to the threats is its capability to provide the networks with powerful threat prevention options. Experts believe that the services offered by Fortinet solutions become more reliable and authentic when they are coupled with Microsoft support services.

Fortinet says it is happy to partner with Microsoft Azure

A Fortinet spokesperson said that it was happy to partner with Microsoft Azure. He said that it was the first time the company was partnering with a major software developer. A couple of months ago, Fortinet launched a security program for Amazon web service and it received thousands of good reviews from the company as well as customers. The marketing department of Fortinet says that the company is looking forward to partnering with a couple of new software developers as well.

With effective network security services from Fortinet, Microsoft Azure is certain to become a highly demanded cloud based service. Web developers from around the world are looking forward to the launch of the service with streamlined security features.

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Sending Emails From Windows Live Mail Client

Windows Live support

                Support for Windows Live

Windows Live Mail is an email client released by Microsoft Corporation. In fact, Windows Live Mail is formerly called Outlook Express in Windows XP OS, whereas it was referred to as Windows Mail in Windows Vista operating system. However, by using Windows Live Mail application, you will be able to easily send email messages to your friends as well as family members. All you have to do is to perform these simple instructions given by the Windows Live support team that are explained below. These windows Live support instructions are easy to do and can be accomplished within a few minutes.


  1. Start the process by opening any favorite browser that is installed on your computer by either double clicking it from the desktop shortcut or accessing it from the Windows Start menu. Once the browser is opened in your computer, you need to navigate to the official log in page for Windows Live. When the log in page appears, enter the details like User name and its associated Password on to the appropriate fields and click the button called Sign in. However, you need to click on the button called Sign Up, if you do not possess a Windows Live ID.
  2. In order to send email in Windows Live, you will see an option called New Message on the extreme left hand side of the window. Click it. In the Microsoft Windows Live Mail application, this option is generally seen as a drop down menu choice or a button. Move on to the next step, if you are not able to see these options or the Windows Live Mail window does not maximize.

    Microsoft support

                          Windows support

  3. If the New Message button is not available or if the Windows Live Mail window is not maximized even when it is seen at the bottom, then you need to right click on the taskbar. Now from the menu called Properties, choose the option labeled Maximize.
  4. Search for the New Message option and continue with the first two steps and then only move on to the step 3. If the Windows Live Mail application is opened in your screen, then skip the third step.
  5. Finally, create a new email message by typing it, which also provides the option to include any attachments or optional subjects. Once it is completed, you will see a Send button on the top left side of the Windows Live screen. Click it.

These instructions given by the Windows Live support team will help you send emails in Microsoft Windows Live application. For more news and information regarding this, contact Microsoft support number.

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Microsoft Conducts Seminar On Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft Support Drivers

Microsoft Online Support

Last day, Microsoft conducted a seminar on hybrid cloud and Microsoft Azure. Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows Server and System Center, Brand Anderson and Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich conducted presentations in the form of Q& A.

Russinovich said that ‘dev test’ would be the biggest drivers if an organization were opting to adapt a hybrid cloud model with Microsoft support drivers. He further says that any user can bring an app to the environment once it is ready and passed the testing phase on cloud. The second big driver involved is the backup to the cloud, which helps in hybrid cloud deployments. According to Russinovich, many users might be worried about the data security. However, with Microsoft’s cloud, users can enhance the security by encrypting data.

Anderson says that Microsoft’s cloud platform is extensively used mainly by two sets of users. The first set uses the platform during the ‘lift and shift’ when they rely on the platform for putting the apps. Other set uses the platform for disaster recovery. This is carried out with the help of tools like Hyper-V Recovery Manager that comes with Microsoft support drivers. They may also use the cloud for backup purposes, which avoid the use of tapes.

Windows Server

Microsoft Cloud Storage

Microsoft had acquired StorSimple, which provided management solutions for cloud storage in the year 2012. However, the company was quiet about its services. Nevertheless, this time, Anderson had a lot to say about it. He says, “What StorSimple does is it basically gives you a bottomless datacenter” and adds, “And so it allows you to take advantage of cloud integrated storage. The actual delivery of it…it’s an appliance and it’s got multiple tiers of storage in there, so there’s spinning media, there’s SSDs. But then you also have a third tier, which is Azure Storage.” With this, he says, “you are able to put that in your datacenter and you automatically move the cold blocks of data back into Azure — you want to keep only the blocks that are hot there locally. And so you get incredible performance and you get that backup and disaster recovery into the cloud and you get it at a very economical price.”

We will have to wait for a few months to find out how Microsoft’s cloud platform would be received by the businesses. According to Anderson, it is very important to be innovative and agile due to the large number of network changes, and Microsoft cloud platform would be the ideal choice for this.

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Microsoft's Open Technologies Forges Partnerships With Open Source Communities

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At the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), the software maker Microsoft Corporation’s Open Technologies forged two new partnerships to help the company steer its Azure infrastructure-as-a-service offering toward being more open, thereby unfolding new cloud scenarios and possibilities. The two new partners are and OpenNebula. This move will definitely help in enabling interoperability of applications and services across heterogeneous service providers. As per the statement of Jean Paoli, the President of Microsoft Open Technologies, these partnerships are bound to complement a varied and diverse group of open source solutions, some of which include Docker’s libswarm venture, Kubernetes, and several other open source cloud projects.

The Packer tool is specifically developed to create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. On the other hand, when it comes to OpenNebula, it provides cloud and data virtual infrastructure management for enterprises. will start delivering plug-ins for Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V soon. This will help various IT professionals and developers to utilize Packer for generating completely provisioned machine images that can be easily launched on the above mentioned platforms. Note that it already supports Hyper-V on Windows Server, and Microsoft support drivers for Azure will soon arrive as well. This allows the machine image to be saved to Azure blob storage and then launched to Azure infrastructure services much quickly. has not been partnered to replace configuration management such as Chef or Puppet. Actually, when building images, Packer will be able to use tools such as Chef or Puppet for installing software onto the image. At the same time, the other partner OpenNebula introduces a set of plugins for enabling the open-source toolkit that can be used for building hybrid cloud deployments around or based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Open Source Convention

                Microsoft Support Drivers Info

According to Jean Paoli, this particular move allows users having the tool to develop and manage a customized cloud service across various service providers, which include Microsoft’s own OneDrive cloud storage service. It will also assist cloud operations to conform to current policies.

These partnerships are intended for serving the overall aim of simplifying deployment and development of advanced features. The software giant Microsoft Corporation will continue forming other partnerships for delivering flexible, advanced, nimble, and above all, open environments to the developers for developing a huge and varied array of cloud scenarios.

We hope such Microsoft support drivers or initiatives will simplify and enhance the management of private and public cloud infrastructure in the future.

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